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About Us

"Novomarine Container Line" is a young, dynamic companies that provide a full range of logistics services of any complexity with all types of transport around the world. Our company - is a licensed provider of international shipping. This ensures a high quality of services. International transportation of any cargoes are carried out with strict attention to detail.

We cooperate on a permanent basis with leading shipping lines and transport companies all over the world. Due to the international transportation and shipping cheaper. This means that we can offer our customers competitive rates. "Novomarine Container Line" is a licensed carrier and provides services in international transport, paying attention to every detail. Cooperation with leading international shipping lines and transport companies, allows us to offer our customers competitive rates.

Transportation of goods includes a number of additional services:

  • international control of cargo from the point of loading to the final point of discharge;
  • Intra port operation (survey / examination / inspection, weighing, phytosanitary (quarantine), veterinary control, oversized cargo, ref-cargo, dangerous cargo);
  • pre-alert for customs clearance (documentation review);
  • exact calculation of customs duty;
  • bonded trucking.

Specialists of the company for many years carried out international cargo transportation. We can deliver vehicles, small vessels (boats, etc.), ATVs and watercraft from the United States and neighboring countries for individuals. To the cost of transportation may also be included temporary storage of goods at our warehouse with the following services:

  • consolidation of shipments;
  • in/out
  • labeling;

We appreciate the professionalism and strive to provide the most fast and safe transportation. We understand how important it is to international delivery. Therefore, every order is important to us, and we do it responsibly. Operational international transportation will allow you to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs and focus on growing your business.