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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance of goods - one of the key areas of our company. You get a full consultation and full calculation of customs duties, which will help quickly navigate and customs clearance will take place without any extra costs.

The speed of delivery and the final amount of transportation costs often depend on the quality of brokerage services. Therefore, a very important factor in international transport is a fast and professional customs clearance. Sometimes it depends on him, whether it gets the goods to the customer or not.

Customs clearance of goods requires high professionalism and excellent knowledge of all standards and regulations. Our specialists have extensive experience in clearance of goods at the border. We will help you make a customs declaration in compliance with the current requirements and the laws of the United States.

We offer the following customs services:

  • filling of declarations for export and import goods;
  • definition of the product code for quick calculation of the payment/duty;
  • analysis and evaluation of potential risk;
  • providing you with personal assistance to quickly resolve any issues;
  • simplification of the goods declaration by submitting online application;

Successful experience in international transport allowed us to establish a clear system for the declaration of various cargoes. This allows us to carry out customs clearance of goods in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs. We can guarantee that your goods will be cleared and without problems get into the United States.

Our advantages:

  • Legality - our company has a license and all necessary permits to file export/import declaration;
  • A clear scheme of work with the customs authorities and port authorities;
  • Consulting customers - we advise our clients on all matters related to foreign trade activities;
  • Pre-alert -review and approval the customers documentation with the pre- filing of the declaration.
  • Experienced professionals - we are only competent staff who have received the necessary education and certifications. The average experience of customs clearance - from 5 to 10 years;