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Dangerous cargo

Dangerous goods is a product of the substance, including its physical, chemical, biological or mixed properties that can affect and be a risk to man, the environment and property during transportation "Novomarine Container Line" has a wide experience in the transport of dangerous goods, and offers its customers the fastest, most accurate and safe way to transport dangerous goods. Our experts will help you successfully complete all the formalities related to the transport of containers and compliance with all rules in the transport of the exhaust gas.

Transport of dangerous goods takes place in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG - agreement on the carriage of dangerous goods by sea.

When requesting rates for the transportation of dangerous goods, we ask you to submit the relevant documents to quickly identify the content and in order of acceptance of the cargo on board. Some goods can not be subject to ocean transport due to limited acceptance of the dangerous goods at the port of destination.

The classification of dangerous goods according to the IMDG Code (IMDG code):
(The classification of dangerous goods according to )