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Flexi tank containers

Flexi tank containers

Many types of liquid cargo is transported in a different container, which is then placed in containers. Flexitanks - a large plastic bags, enclosed in containers. And to be more precise the flexitanks (fleksibegi) are made of polyethylene and polypropylene and are used for transportation and storage of liquid is not dangerous cargo in standard 20-foot containers in volume from 10 000 to 24 000 liters.

Flexitank is disposable packaging and conveyance used once. The package is easy to fold into a roll and sent to recycling. For some companies, it is essential, particularly those who do not have their own storage facilities. Using the flexitank has several advantages, such as reduced labor costs for loading and unloading. The container holds a few tons more fluid than can be placed in barrels. The weight of the flexitank is only 0.7% of the weight of the load. This suggests flexitanks as an economical and efficient way to transport non-hazardous liquids, including liquid chemicals.

What can be transported in tank containers:

  • wine, vegetable oils, dietary supplements, syrups, concentrated fruit and berry juices;
  • food products;
  • industrial fats and oils;
  • Liquid is not dangerous chemical products, synthetic resins;
  • the lubricating oil additive of the lubricating oil, white oil, tung oil;
  • propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, synthetic latex.

S.O.P with flexitank container transportation can be found here.