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Our advantages

Ocean freight:

  • Competence - we are not middleman, we have our own license and direct agreement that allows us to communicate directly with steamlines;
  • Attention to the client - the client regularly informed about the status of the goods;
  • Developed network of branches - enables to provide "door to door" service;
  • Professionalism - expertise and years of experience allows us to select and calculate the optimal route logistics;
  • Sincere customer care - the opening of credit lines;
  • Top prices - due to the large volume of traffic we offer low prices for ocean freight and special conditions for storage and demurrage.

Customs clearance:

  • Competence - the presence of permits and license for customs clearencel;
  • Attention to the customer - a complete and competent advice in aspects of customs regulations;
  • Professionalism - literate smooth interaction with state regulatory agencies;
  • Knowledge of business - experienced certified personnel with experience of organizing customs clearance of 5 to 10 years;
  • Sincere customer care – pre-alert and verification of documents (contracts, invoices, packing lists and etc.)

Port forwarding:

  • Competence - the presence of direct contracts with the terminals and bonded warehouses;
  • Knowledge of business - experienced personnel with experience of organizing and carrying out customs inspections, FDA control (S.O.P. with veterinary cargo), USDA control (S.O.P. with phytosanitary cargo);
  • Professionalism - interactions with agents of shipping companies (ocean freight carriers) and other parts of the supply chain (storage facilities for repacking, consolidation );
  • Sincere customer care - communication on-line 24/7;
  • Credibility - dozens of companies are currently working with us. And this is the main indicator of the success of our work;
  • Useful links - over many years of active work we have gained invaluable experience of interaction with all commercial operators, shipping lines, terminals.

These excellence helped us to build long-term and trusting relationship with our customers and partners.