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Our strategy - competent forwarding

Trying to choose a FREIGHT FORWARDER?

Right now there are about 20 large companies and hundreds of small on the market, provides services in the field of freight forwarding.

To be honest - is almost no difference. Somewhere rates are low, somewhere a little higher quality, but overall everything about a blueprint.

We fully understand that you all have promised a "mandatory, high professionalism, reputation, years of experience, mobility and all that goes along with low rates and short terms." Imagine that it's true ...

Among “Novomarine” combines the best qualities of a professional forwarding!

Forwarding - Why us?

5 reasons why you should refer to us:

1. You have to understand the first stages of communication. Even if you have never worked with freight forwarders and do not know what the ocean freight or freight forwarding is - you will not have to sit with a dictionary of technical terms and definitions BL, FOB, LiFo, FiFo, etc.

Maximum clear plain language is not loaded with terms. We're not going to stuff ourselves to expert, entering clients into hypnotic trance.

2. Free Consultation. Define the commodity code (HS codes), a full calculation of customs payments. The result of free consultation – is a clear understanding what is necessary that everything went from A to Z, without a hitch.

3. Net price. We are giving the prices that we buy from steamlines. No markups. The result: you save money and only pay for our services, not overpaying someone to their pocket.

4. Personal Manager. You will be provided with the manager who will be assigned for your company only, and who will conduct all of your business. Turning to us - you will not get every time a new specialist and you do not need every time to explain the whole situation from the outset. Your personal manager will be always in contact by mail, telephone, Skype.

  • You save time. The work is conducted without further ado.
  • You save your nerves – nothing will be forgotten or mistaken.
  • If there is a question - you know who to ask.

5. Double checking. Our supervisor’s department heads control over the whole work process. At each step, all documents are checked, not only by managers, but also by supervisors.

The result – is a 100% literacy in the paperwork.

Still in doubt?

What our customers are saying about us:

"This letter LLC" Ravenol Russland "expresses gratitude to the company" Novomarine container line "for exemplary organization of transport and logistics services in the United States. Freight forwarding was done in a timely manner, with proper quality and in a professional manner. Company "Novomarine container line" demonstrated the best professional, highly qualified artists and proper quality of brokerage services. Transportation is made without comment and with minimal costs.

Separately want to note the work of freight forwarding regional office in Novorossiysk. The ability of the team to go to the meeting of partners in the implementation of complex and non-standard tasks quickly and to offer optimal solutions for the customer much simplify and facilitate the release of the goods. Forwarding - an area in which very important high level of organization.

We are satisfied with the work carried out and will recommend your company as a reliable and responsible partner in the field of transport and logistics services, port forwarding. "

Deputy Director of Foreign Trade Duc T. LLC "Ravenol Russland."

Lubricants and industrial fluids.

What should I do now?

Let’s live chat. The first thing is to understand how we are suit to each other. Call us or write to e-mail.