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Oversized cargo

Freight comes in all shapes and sizes. Transportation of oversized and special loads, with their unique requirements, can be especially difficult. Our team will pave the right path, the deletion of the problem areas, the right choice to help with the special equipment needed for transporting bulky cargo. We understand how complex it can be specialized transportation of goods, so we pay attention to every detail.

Our company carries out transportation of oversized, not only on flat rack and open containers, but also with accommodation on board a ship on / under the deck and provide our clients with the following services: (please check S.O.P with project and oversized cargo)

  • coordination of transportation and berthing at the port for loading (Novorossiysk);
  • execution of documents in the port and customs to unload the cargo from the ship;
  • unfastening the cargo on board the vessel does not require welding (metal cut-off function stops, lifting eyes and sweep the deck);
  • discharge from the ship, and the movement of goods to the place of storage;
  • storage of goods at the port of discharge (Novorossiysk);
  • loading the vehicle;
  • paperwork for withdrawal of vessels from the port of discharge/arrival.

By mutual agreement, can be performed other works (services):

  • special unfastening the cargo on board the ship using welding (truncation metal stops, lifting eyes and sweep the deck), the cost of this work will be determined after the receipt of information on how the load was secured in the port of loading (number of stops and lifting eyes on each package);
  • storage of goods in the port for more than 10 days beyond the regulatory storage in the port of the client will be paid in addition to the fact of, and the rates of the port;
  • Inspection of cargo independent surveyor on board before / after the breakout, at discharge from the ship - this must be ordered inspections required;
  • securing of the load on the vehicle, which will export the goods from the port;
  • Inspection of cargo independent surveyor during the loading of the goods on the vehicle, and after fixing it, the cost of this inspection;
  • the cost of a possible miscalculation demurrage under loading operations;
  • Customs clearance (DT or VTT).

Your shipment is our priority.