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Port forwarding

Port forwarding or in other words representing the interests of cargo owner is an integral part of the logistic chain. Customs clearance is often require a preliminary examination, weighing goods, in order to verify and confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the commercial documents (invoice, bill of lading, packing list) and accordingly declare the goods.

Preliminary customs procedures helping customs agents and brokers to avoid many of the problems associated with customs clearance.

Our company has a permit to participate in customs examination related to freight forwarding on the territory of the customs control zone, terminals, bonded zones, etc. with following services:

  • cooperation with the agents of shipping companies (sea freight carrier);
  • interaction with state regulatory agencies;
  • review shipping documentation;
  • cooperation with the sea port terminals;
  • Survey, Valuation conclusion of cargo with experts of Chamber of Commerce;
  • necessary preliminary procedures to obtain a “approved” mark from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) phytosanitary and veterinary control;
  • obtaining passes to the port for individuals;
  • represent the interests of the consignee // shipper in the port during the pre-inspection and customs inspection, weighing.

Our advantages:

  • Competence - the presence of direct contracts with the terminals;
  • Knowledge of business - experienced personnel with experience of organizing and carrying out customs inspections, veterinary control, phytosanitary control;
  • Professionalism - interactions with agents of shipping companies (sea freight carrier) and other parts of the supply chain (storage facilities for repacking, vytarki);
  • Sincere customer care - communication on-line 24/7 (clock duty forwarders).
  • Credibility - dozens of companies work with us. This is the main indicator of the success of our work.