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S.O.P with auto/vehicle cargo

Exports of vehicles from the United States plays an important role in the export segment. Our loading operations follow the recommendations of the industry, that vehicles are properly protected from unnecessary damage. Our employees have extensive experience in containerization and use only the necessary tools and equipment specifically designed for the loading of cars in the container.

Special operating procedure with export auto/vehicles are similar to S.O.P with dry cargo. But there is an one formality: vehicle has to be lien released/paid off, have clean title, free of bank credit. Vehicle must have title, and bill of sale.

We can assist in acquiring and transporting your vehicle from anywhere in the United States. You inform us where to pick up a vehicle. We contact shipper and confirm pick up date and time.

Delivering vehicle to our warehouse for loading into container or directly to the port in case of Ro-Ro shipment.

Each car will be securely fastened so that it arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was received by us.

After loading is finished and container delivered in full to the port. Our company filing AES (export declaration) and submitting title to the customs. After approval from customs authority for export, customs officer mark title with the “export stamp”.

After vessel sailing our company will send draft copy of BL for approval.

Copy of BL picture