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S.O.P. with dangerous cargo

START ACCOMMODATE ACCEPTANCE OF CARGO before shipment. You need to solve the following questions before shipment:

1. Choose a sea carrier, making sure that it will take the shipment.
2. Check with port terminals of acceptance of the cargo.

Dangerous goods of Class 1 (explosives) and Class 7 (radioactive) not accepted by most carriers and port terminals for shipments.

Please note that the acceptance of dangerous goods for shipping (handling) is possible only after the presentation of the following documents to the shipping line, which in turn will submit a complete set of documentation to the terminal. And only after that the booking is confirmed for transportation.

1 / IMO dangerous goods declaration.

2 / Safety data sheet (MSDS) completed in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG Code. MSDS must be no older than 4 years from the published date.

3 / certificate for packaging / packaging (packaging Existing certificates issued by an authorized laboratory, confirming the performance of tests and compliance with packaging requirements of IMDG Code dangerous goods)

4 / letter of guarantee for the reception and disposal of cargo in the event of an emergency.

Only after providing the above-mentioned documents and the receiving of confirmation from ocean carrier, we can start the standard procedure: placing the booking, delivery container (freight) to the port, etc.