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S.O.P. with dry cargo

Алгоритм работы

You inform us regarding freight readiness (LCL/FCL), providing contact information for the shipper with purchase order number (invoice, packing list), place of loading (in case of door move) or port of loading (in case of FOB).

Selection of the optimal route and type of transport (via what port, rail or truck).

Rate negation with confirmation afterwards.

We contact the shipper and double checking on readiness of the freight. Setting the appointment for a cargo pick up according to shipper’s schedule.

Shipper or consignee has to complete Power of Attorney in order for us file export declaration (AES) according to export customs regulation of US.

Placing a booking and informing consignee and the shipper with the booking number and vessel details.

Once booking is placed, and date and time is set for loading we preparing dock receipt and delivery order in order to dispatch the truck and return in full to the port.

While loading our drivers taking a pictures of loading so afterwards we will be able to provide photo report to consignee.

After container returned to the port or ramp and loaded on a vessel/ramp we provide to the shipper and consignee draft of the bill of lading and announce estimate time of arrival to final destination.

If necessary, on your request may be made "rolling", i.e, the delay of cargo in the transshipment ports on the route.