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S.O.P. with phytosanitary cargo

We will omit the first steps that we have described in the section of S.O.P with dry cargo and will start from the moment of arrival to US

Importer has to complete FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Prior Notice prior to the arrival of all food shipments destined to the U.S. no less than 1 day working day before U.S. arrival for airfreight shipments and no less than 3

The inbound freight are subject by several examination:

label examination: - this section includes information on allergens, ingredients, food and color additives, food contact substances, and labeling requirements

field examination: - a field examination is a physical inspection performed on a product. Based on a field examination, FDA may decide to take a sample of the product and send it for analysis to an FDA laboratory, refer the product for further evaluation by the local FDA district’s compliance branch, or release the product if no violations are found. A field examination may involve but is not limited to:

  • Confirming the quantity present corresponds to quantity declared on shipping documents
  • In transit or storage damage
  • Inadequate storage temperature conditions
  • Rodent or insect activity
  • Field tests for lead in ceramic ware
  • Non-permitted food and color additives
  • Product integrity, uncharacteristic odors, or spoilage
  • Other questionable conditions/practices
  • General label compliance